2 Billion people
in the world
don’t have

Now there’s a smart way to connect with them.

The universal platform for mobile content

Freeping provides the freest, easiest way for the Next Billion consumers in emerging markets to connect to your content on any smart, feature or basic phone using missed calls and our patent-pending platform.

See how we’re already harnessing the power of missed calls.

Mobile Phones

The Zero Overhead Solution

to your marketing strategy

Frictionless insertion of your dedicated phone number on all of your existing ads makes Freeping’s missed call-activated campaigns the perfect complement to your marketing strategy. And user engagement is easy and consistent across multiple mediums.

Freeping Enterprise Accounts

2 billion missed-callers. That’s a lot of data.

Your Freeping dashboard provides performance analytics in real time so you can reward loyal users and make intelligent decisions about future campaigns.

Freeping Analytics

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“Freeping tests its patent-pending platform in a survey of Brazilian business owners who could vote using the platform on whether the World Cup would help or hurt their business.” More >


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